KSCloud Solution – Cloud Accounting Software for Businesses

What is KSCloud?

KSCloud Solutions is a self-serving cloud accounting software from a third-party developer called Manager. It is online-based, can be accessed anytime and anywhere with any device which is Internet Enabled, with a full-featured accounting set-up, customized chart of accounts, and reports perfect for small businesses to record their day-to-day financial transaction.  

KSCloud Solutions  can be used to keep accurate financial records and perform tasks such as: 

  • creating and sending invoices or receipts directly to client via email 
  • creating quotes and estimates for a project or services directly to client via email 
  • recording expenses and other bills  
  • creating employee payroll and payslip 
  • completing tax reports and bookkeeping 
  • checking cash flow or profit and loss 
  • creating budgets and forecasts 
  • creating bank reconciliations   
  • digital storage for your supporting documents used for substantiation requirements 
  • checking financial statement reports 

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