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This plan is perfect for registered VAT businesses that deal with a lot of transactions and reporting like corporations, e-commerce, businesses with several branches, etc. You either choose from a monthly or annual subscription depending on your needs.

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KSCloud Solution is a self-serving cloud accounting software from our partner called Manager. Our cloud accounting software can be accessed online anywhere at any time with any device as long as you have internet, with a fully-featured accounting setup, customized charts of accounts, and reports perfect for small businesses to record their day-to-day financial transaction.

Owning a business means having obligations with our government. In order to be compliant, you need to meet all legal requirements such as filing taxes and its requirements of filing. KSCloud Solution was not only customized for financial reports but also in compliance with bookkeeping requirements for businesses to easily update their books of accounts either by Loose Leaf or Manual Books of Account. In addition, all reports can be copied to Excel Formats.

KSCloud Solution can be used to keep accurate financial records and perform tasks such as:

  • creating and sending invoices or receipts directly to clients via email
  • creating quotes and estimates for a project or services directly to the client via email
  • recording expenses and other bills
  • creating employee payroll and payslip
  • completing tax reports and bookkeeping
  • checking cash flow or profit and loss
  • creating budgets and forecasts
  • creating bank reconciliations
  • digital storage for your supporting documents used for substantiation requirements
  • checking financial statement reports

At an affordable price, you can create and update your financial records and tax requirements without a hassle. Aside from that, you can attach and store scan documents digitally. You can use it also to have a voucher system for your internal controls and financial records. KSCloud Solution can help you save time, effort, and space because the software holds all your financial data, you can generate reports that show how your business is doing and documents that can be uploaded, viewed, and downloaded anytime.